Areas of use

Liquefied petroleum gas - the universal energy

With over 2000 possible applications, liquefied petroleum gas can be used universally and is the environmentally friendliest fossil fuel. In drive, heating, and process energy and in bottles or tanks - thanks to its great diversity, liquefied petroleum gas is popular with private customers and is highly valued in industry and commerce.

The most frequent areas of use are:

  • Heating (e.g. residential properties, halls, offices, stables, market stalls, and mobile homes)
  • Refrigeration (e.g. refrigerators, offices)
  • Cooking (e.g. catering, private households, on building sites, and at festivals)
  • Heating water (e.g. residential properties and swimming pools)
  • Lighting (e.g. camping, housing)
  • Drying (e.g. paint, concrete, paper, in agriculture)
  • Metalwork (e.g. welding, cutting, smelting)
  • Drive (e.g. automotive LPG, propellant gas, for fork lift trucks, hot air balloons, turbines, and pumps)
  • Heating processes (e.g. shrink wrapping, flame treatments)
  • Fertilization (e.g. CO2 in greenhouses)

Liquefied petroleum gas is so environmentally friendly that it can even be used in nature reserves and water protection areas.