Environmental friendliness

Liquefied petroleum gas - for the love of the environment

Tyczka Trading & Supply places a special value on sustainable energy production and environmentally friendly resources. Liquefied petroleum gas has the lowest emission values of all non-pipeline-based fuels.

Naturally environmental friendly

As a source of efficiency, the strength of liquefied petroleum gas is its environmentally friendly energy. Its CO2 value is in the lowest range of all fossil fuels, and liquefied petroleum gas is completely free of fine particulate matter. In conjunction with modern heating technology such as condensing boilers, this diverse resource proves its exceptional efficiency as an environmentally friendly provider of heat. This is the case when used in cogeneration units, as process energy, on building sites, and as fuel for cars and fork lift trucks.

As an important energy turnaround fuel, liquefied petroleum gas is also used in combination with renewable energies such as photovoltaics and solar heat.

Furthermore: Thanks to its excellent ecological values, liquefied petroleum gas is even allowed to be used in nature reserves and water protection areas.