With a great sense of energy

Tyczka Trading & Supply: The best of 90 years of experience

A member of the strong Tyczka Group network, Tyczka Trading & Supply is one of the leading specialists in liquefied petroleum gas. As an internationally oriented company, we supply major customers in Germany and Europe along with Tyczka Neue Gastechnik, Austria and Tyczka Polska, Poland.

Reliability born of tradition

Ensuring a long-term supply of energy is the challenge of the future. More than 90 years of experience in the procurement and trade of liquefied petroleum gas as well as logistics and supply ensure our no-compromise supply competence.

Proven business relationships with all renowned producers, refineries, and terminal sites in Benelux, France, and Eastern Europe, for example, also safeguard connections to the international market.

What's important - at a glance

We react quickly and flexibly to changes in market and delivery situations and offer our customers planning security thanks to fixed price purchases. Through our extensive supply network, we directly and reliably provide our customers with liquefied petroleum gas in the form of propane, butane, and mixtures as per DIN and other European standards.

Top energy for the Olympic Games

In 1972, as well as developing the hand and stadium torches, Tyczka was a committed sponsor of the Munich Olympic Games.

Always nearby

Optimally advised and ideally informed at home and abroad with Tyczka: