Competence when it comes to liquefied petroleum gas

Tyczka Trading & Supply is an independent, internationally oriented, well-established energy supply company and is known as a reliable partner in the market.

In contrast to the constantly changing market conditions, we provide the stability of an experienced company that concentrates responsibly on sustainable solutions for your enterprise.

Our activities:

  • Acting as an all-round supplier of major industrial and commercial customers at home and abroad
  • Procuring liquefied petroleum gas in the form of propane and butane and mixtures thereof for the entire Tyczka Group
  • Ensuring the supply of energy through international trade relationships
  • Specializing in liquefied petroleum gas, efficient usage, and sustainable energy concepts

Customers trust in us

Our team acts in accordance with the basic principles of a trustful partnership and deals directly with major customers in Germany and Europe. Our industrial and commercial customers have been relying on us for decades, since we guarantee expert advice, the best purchasing conditions, and stable prices.

We're close to you

We should be your first port of call if you want to find out more about liquefied petroleum gas in the form of propane or butane and mixtures as per DIN and other European standards. For many years, supplying filling stations has been a firm task of the Tyczka commercial team, too.